Police stepped up patrols in the cities of Donbass

Полиция усилила патрули в городах Донбасса

The police briefing was held in the main squares of the cities of Donbass

Special attention is paid to Mariupol, where there will be two football matches.

Before the weekend police of the Donetsk region has increased the number of outfits involved on protection of a public order, on 1 thousand militiamen. In particular, the maximum forces will take care of security in Mariupol, where two days will be held football matches in the championship of Ukraine, the press service of the regional Department of the national police.

In the main squares of cities simultaneously across the region held a public briefing of police officers and national guard who will serve in the next days.

“To be as close as possible to cover patrols of the service area has increased the number of Hiking outfits. On patrol in the Donetsk region took 344 Hiking outfits composed of almost 700 police officers, 22 rapid response team, 44 of the crew of the patrol police, 10 autopatrol”, – stated in the message.

Only in Mariupol to patrol came out more than 270 law enforcement officers. Besides, the night front city placed under the protection of fighters of special forces CORD that will go around all the districts in the composition of pronephroi.

“For security purposes, the increased control at the entrances and exits of the city and all the stop controls. For quick and quality checks at all checkpoints, the number of police greatly increased. In addition, around Mariupol additionally created five mobile roadblocks, which will be on duty police officers and national guardsmen,” said the Agency.


As reported Корреспондент.netearlier in Kiev, the police has strengthened security measures – provided the rule of law 900 law enforcement officers. Such measures were adopted in connection with the visit to the capital of foreign delegations, conduct football matches and other mass events.