Police: Ukraine is the leader of deaths on the roads

Полиция: Украина - лидер по смертности на дорогах

For the year to 100 thousand people in an accident killed 13 people.

Advisory mission of the European Union (CMEs) was passed in the Kharkiv region, the set of sets of breathalyzer, for a total amount of four thousand euros. According to them, this will reduce deaths on the road due to drunk drivers.

As the press service of the Channel of the Kharkiv region, the breathalyzer gave police on April 19.

“Ukraine is one of the first places in terms of accidents and deaths on the roads. In Western Europe every year in road accidents killed four people for every 100 thousand population. In Ukraine this figure is 13″, – stated the representative of CMEs.

Coordinator of the regional office of CMEs in Kharkov Gerrit Jan van Gelder has also resulted in the sad statistics.

“Alcohol is among the factors that triggered 2358 accident in 2015. Then accidents killed 317 people. And this is – 317 families prematurely lost fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters. This can be avoided, but we must act now,” said Gelder.

As the press service of CMEs provided the equipment allows to identify the driver in an alcohol intoxication without an analysis of his breath – on the basis of processing of the sample air inside the car.

“The breathalyzer kits are also equipped with wireless printers that allow you to print the results of breath analysis is in place,” the statement reads.

Earlier, interior Minister Arsen Avakov said that the level of confidence in the police has fallen.

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