Policy of Austria in Yalta fulfill the contract with Russia – Ambassador

Политики Австрии в Ялте выполняют контракт с РФ – посол

The so-called “head” of Crimea Sergey Aksenov speaks at the economic forum in Yalta

In the Crimea there arrived representatives of the right-wing Austrian freedom party, which has a cooperation agreement with United Russia.

Embassy of Ukraine in Austria sent an official note to the Austrian foreign Ministry in connection with the visit of several Austrian politicians in the annexed Crimea. This writes European true with reference to Ambassador Alexander Scherba.

The Ukrainian Embassy knows that it was announced the participation of five Austrian participants confirmed Shcherba.

“Noteworthy is that all five represent the right-wing Austrian freedom party (fpö). It seems that the APS, which in January signed a five-year cooperation agreement with Putin’s party, United Russia, will start implementing this contract,” said Scherba.

According to him, the Embassy was contacted in advance with policies stated among the possible participants of the event, and reported on liability for violation of Ukrainian legislation.

“We track who actually received the invitation of the occupiers. They are all aware of the consequences of such decisions (except those who have been in the occupied Crimea and who have nothing to lose either in terms of reputation, either in terms of the consequences from the point of view of Ukrainian legislation),” said the Ambassador.

Shcherba also added that on April 14, “once it became known the preliminary list of participants from Austria”, the Embassy has addressed this issue with a note to the foreign Ministry of Austria.

As reported Корреспондент.netbefore it became known that in the annexed Crimea came politicians and public figures from across Europe to participate in the so-called international Yalta economic forum.

The Ukrainian foreign Ministry has sent Russia a note of protest in connection with carrying out in the Crimea Yalta international economic forum.