Poll: 57% of Ukrainians do not know about madrepore

Опрос: 57% украинцев не знают о медреформе

A relative majority supports reform.

The company sociopolis in conjunction with the company 2call cоntact center-to-order Корреспондент.net conducted a survey of adult residents of Ukraine with the aim of exploring their attitudes to the reform of the state system healthcare in Ukraine

It turned out that a relative majority of respondents (37,1%) supported the reform, and 18,2% of the respondents fully support it, while 18.9% – more support.

Do not support – 23.0% of respondents (14,8% – not fully support, and 8.2% rather not support it).

However, almost a third of respondents (31.3 per cent) could not decide their attitude to medical reform, and 8.6% of the respondents answered that this question does not interest.

The level of awareness of citizens of Ukraine with the content of the reform of the health system is very low. The majority of respondents (57.6 per cent) know nothing (or almost nothing) about the reform. About a third of respondents (33,6%) are familiar with only some of its provisions. And only 8,8% of respondents are familiar with the basic provisions.

In addition, 39.2% of respondents expect health care reform will improve the level of medical care. Moreover, 11.3% of respondents expect significant improvements, with 27.9% of respondents – a slight improvement.

28.1% of respondents believe that the reform will not change fundamentally the existing level of medical care. However, almost a quarter of respondents (23.7 percent) believe that this reform may further worsen the existing level.

Also, according to the study, the majority of citizens of Ukraine, a negative attitude to the creation in Ukraine of hospital districts.

The survey was conducted using the method of telephone interviews from 9 to 12 June 2017. All were interviewed 1200 respondents aged from 18 years, taking into account their gender, age and place of residence. The survey covered all regions of Ukraine except the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, Sevastopol and separate districts of Donetsk and Lugansk regions. Statistical sampling error (with confidence probability 0.95 and without design effect) does not exceed 2.8%.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that the Ministry of health will submit to Parliament a new bill on medifarma.

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