Poll: 78% of Ukrainians are ready to vote for a President

Опрос: 78% украинцев готовы избирать президента

Almost 78% of Ukrainians are ready for presidential elections to come to the polls. Definitely would not vote, almost 18%.

Almost 78% of the interrogated Ukrainians declared that they are ready for the presidential elections to come to the polls and vote. On Thursday, January 3, the press service of the Ukrainian Institute for social research. A. Yaremenko and the Social monitoring Center.

“77,8% of respondents said that they are ready for the presidential elections to come to the polls. I think that definitely would not vote 17.8% of the respondents, 4.9 per cent are undecided whether to vote or declined to answer”, – is spoken in the message.

According to the respondents, the next President should possess such traits: the ability to stop the war (55.9 per cent), to defend the interests of ordinary people (44,5%), competence in the economy (44,1%), intolerance to corruption (44%), ability to run the country (40.1 per cent).

Indicated that the survey covered the entire country (with the exception of uncontrolled territories of Luhansk and Donetsk regions, Crimea). 2045 only interviewed respondents aged 18 years. Standard deviations at reliable 95% did not exceed 2.2%. Method of data collection: individual interviews by place of residence of the Respondent “eye to eye”.

Earlier the Central electoral Commission on Thursday, January 3, documents for participation in the upcoming presidential election filed a third candidate.

Recall that in Ukraine on Monday, December 31, kicked off the presidential election campaign. By law, it will last 90 days, until March 31, 2019, when will be the election of the sixth President of Ukraine.

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