Poll: Most Ukrainians do not give bribes

Опрос: Большинство украинцев не дают взятки

The majority of Ukrainians do not pay bribes

This year only a quarter of respondents paid bribes.

The vast majority of Ukrainians 71.1% in this year did not give bribes. A survey was conducted by the Fund Democratic initiatives and Ukrainian Sociology Service, transfer Ukrainian news.

The respondents had to answer the question, loved ones, relatives and friends have given a bribe this year. 25.5% of respondents answered that Yes, a 71.1% no, 3.5 percent were undecided.

While 46.3 per cent of respondents said that they gave her in medical institutions, 22.5% were in educational institutions, 13.6% – in local authorities, 10% – in schools, 9.5% of the patrol force, 6,9% to 6,2% – to the housing office, the institutions of communal service, 5,4% – on the custom, 5,2% – in the bodies of social security, 5% – police (except patrol), 4,1% – in the tax authorities, 3.8 percent – the Central government, 3.6% of – in the bodies of privatization and on the workplace, a 3.5% – the military, 2,8% – the Prosecutor’s office, 2.2% – in public enterprises, 1.2% – the security Service of Ukraine, election commissions, banks and private enterprises, 1% Church, 0,9% – the media, 0,7% – of specialized anti-corruption agencies (National anti-corruption Bureau and National Agency for prevention of corruption), 0.5% – political parties and public organizations, and 11.7% refused to answer.

The poll was conducted from 18 September to 3 October, polled 2 thousand respondents aged over 18 years. Theoretical sampling error does not exceed 2.3%.

As reported, the Prosecutor’s office called bribes in the universities of Kiev.