Poll: Ukrainians don’t trust law enforcement

Опрос: Украинцы не доверяют правоохранителям

The new police losing the trust of Ukrainians

The population trusts most of the army.

In Ukraine, the low level of trust towards law enforcement authorities. So, 65,8% of Ukrainians do not trust the National police. This is evidenced by the survey data centre for sociological studies, Sofia, transmit Ukrainian news.

Thus, 40.4% of respondents do not trust the police, 25,4% – rather do not trust, 2,5% – fully trust, 20,8% – rather trust, 10.9% are undecided.

At the same time, prosecutors do not trust 81.4% of the respondents: 57.8% of the respondents do not trust the Prosecutor’s office, the 23.6% – rather do not trust, 1,3% – fully trust, 7,8% – rather trust, a 9.5% – difficult to answer.

Ukrainian courts do not trust more – 85,6% of the respondents: 62.8% of respondents do not trust the courts, 22,8% – rather do not trust, 0,8% – fully trust, 5,1% – rather trust, an 8.5% were undecided.

The highest level of trust among respondents were for the Ukrainian army – 55%. So, 23.7% of respondents do not trust the army, 13,1% – rather do not trust, 20,6% – fully trust, and 34.4% – rather trust, 8.2 per cent were undecided.

The survey was conducted from 26 may to 1 June 2017 in all the administrative regions of Ukraine (Donetsk and Lugansk regions were held in government controlled territory in the Crimea were not carried out). All were interviewed 1 217 adult respondents by personal interview at home. The statistical error does not exceed 3%.