Poltava remained without hot water

Полтава осталась без горячей воды

The inhabitants of Poltava will have to forget about hot water

In Poltavateploenergo note that the next heating season in the regional center may not start.

The company Poltavagaz stop gas enterprise Poltavateploenergo. In the regional center today shut off the hot water, the press service of the company.

“In the absence of confirmed for Poltava OKITT Poltavateploenergo planned volume (limit) the use of natural gas for July 2017 pursuant to the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated 08.12.2006 No. 1687 “On approval of the Procedure object of termination (restriction) of gas supply to consumers (excluding population)”, PJSC “Poltavagaz” was forced to halt gas supply to the enterprise concerned with 06.07.2017 year”, – stated in the message.

CEO Poltavateploenergo Vladimir Cherniavsky comments publication Poltava confirmed that has already started the process of termination of gas supply to boiler houses of the enterprise.

“At this moment disconnected for 10 boilers, although measurable in numbers is not entirely correct – for example, a boiler on the street supplies water to the Diamond neighborhoods, Gardens-2 Garden-3. I think that is already the end of the day city will be without hot water,” he said.

According to Cherniavsky, the company exhausted the limits on the gas, additionally, the state should for beneficiaries 153 million, while Poltavateploenergo should Naftogaz 151 million.

“Unlimited gas consumption is forbidden, being punished for it by double rate, and there are already not on the counter, and the diameter of the attached equipment. That is, if we for a monthly volume of gas in 1 million 700 thousand cubic meters paid 10 million, then dual rates – I would pay 50 million hryvnia,” – said Chernyavskaya and complained that kind of money the enterprise is not.

Also the CEO Poltavateploenergo notes that because of this situation the heating season 2017-2018, the regional center may not start.

As reported Корреспондент.neteve in three districts of Kiev turned off the hot water. It is connected with carrying out of hydraulic tests of heating systems from 4 to 18 July.