Poltorak: funding for special operations forces will increase

Полторак: финансирование сил спецопераций увеличат

The defense Minister announced increased funding for special operations Forces of the APU.

Stepan Poltorak on Friday, may 19, during a visit to Lithuania, said the increased funding for special operations Forces, reported the press service of the defense Ministry.

“After talking with the commander of the MTR, I took the decision to increase financial resources. After a trip take certain organisational and managerial decisions on improvement of the infrastructure division and the acquisition of certain types of equipment,” – said Poltorak.

In addition, Poltorak during the meeting, the commander of the CCO Staff, NATO, Vice-Admiral Knee Kilrane said that the Ukrainian side is interested in the teachings of their soldiers and the important result of foreign instructors.

“Over the past year we have not lost a single centimeter of our land, decreased the number of combat losses and we have some success in military issues,” – said Poltorak.

We will remind, earlier Poltorak said that Kiev is not planning a military operation in the Donbass.

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