Poltorak has declared readiness to retire

Полторак заявил о готовности уйти в отставку

Stepan Poltorak

The Minister argues that his Deputy, Igor Pavlovsky’s nowhere to run.

Defense Minister Stepan Poltorak ready to resign if the investigation proves the guilt of his Deputy, Igor Pavlovsky, who appeared in the case of large-scale embezzlement in the defense Ministry.

“I’m ready anytime,” said the Minister during a briefing, reports 112.ua.

Poltorak said that if the fault Pavlovsky is proved, it will be his responsibility.

The Minister also said that his Deputy’s nowhere to run from Ukraine – in Russia against him opened three criminal cases.

“General Pavlovsky performed their duties from the first day of the aggression, they performed quite professionally, was the head of the ATO in Mariupol during the active hostilities there. But if he involved in the crime, he should answer for it. Pavlovsky running precisely nowhere. Being the head of the anti-terrorist operation in Mariupol, it is got three criminal cases in the Russian Federation”, – said the Poltorak.

As reported Корреспондент.neton the detectives NAB and SAP employees uncovered the scheme of embezzlement 149 million hryvnias, the Ministry of defense, the result of which were detained the Deputy Minister of defense and the Director of the Department of public procurement and delivery of material resources of the MOU.

In this case, the Minister of defence Stepan Poltorak will be held as a witness.

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