Poltorak presented the new acting rector of National University of defense named. Chernyakhovsky

Полторак представил нового и. о. ректора Национального университета обороны им. Черняховского

Defense Minister Stepan Poltorak today, may 21, in Kiev introduced and appointed a new acting chief of the National defense University to them. Chernyakhovsky major-General Gennady Vorobyov. The broadcast led the TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

“Major General Vorobyov is the officer, which, in my opinion, a lot to represent is not necessary. This officer, who went through all the posts. He made life in the army everything that could be done, working as a commander. Experience that has Gennady Petrovich, it rates virtually no. Management experience, of warfare, ATO, management experience. He clearly knows what should be officer tactical officer level and operational-strategic level. She is facing a very difficult task, too much to do”, – said Poltorak.

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Poltorak also commented on the challenges facing the new head.

“First, we need to update the faculty. I did not perceive the teacher, who never served in the units of the APU, which itself never took the decision, who himself did not participate in the fighting. The second task is to review all training programs. They must be adapted to the requirements and threats facing today APU. On the basis of, in particular, those programs that have already been adopted for the development of the APU, on the basis of the strategic defence Bulletin, which was adopted yesterday at a meeting of the NSDC of Ukraine”, – he added.

Also Poltorak was awarded the University staff in connection with science Day.

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Recall President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko in Day of science called on the workers of scientific sphere of Ukraine to make every effort to strengthen the economy and strengthen the country’s defense.