Poltorak spoke about the possibilities of exploration

Полторак рассказал о возможностях разведки

Poltorak visited the area of the OOS

The scouts were very powerful capabilities of technical intelligence, assured the Minister of defence.

Thanks to the training of intelligence officers under NATO standards has increased the efficiency and reliability of the data. This was stated by Minister of defense Stepan Poltorak, reports the press service of the Ministry on Sunday, September 9.

“The main achievement, in my opinion, the level of training of our scouts. We prepare them according to the standards of the Alliance, and that because of this efficiency and the accuracy of the data increased significantly, which gives the opportunity to take correct and timely decisions to the commanders of all units and levels”, – said the Poltorak during a working visit to the area of operations of the joint forces.

The Minister also noted that scouts had very powerful capabilities of technical intelligence, they are provided with new modern equipment to confirm and Refine the data.

Informed intelligence unit combined forces showed the latest technology, which is they have adopted.


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