Pompeo: the aggression of the Russian Federation prepared a comprehensive response

Помпео: на агрессию РФ готовят комплексный ответ

Mike Pompeo said about the impending NATO’s response to the capture of ships

U.S. Secretary of state said about the need to restore a policy of containment against the Russian Federation.

On Russia’s aggressive actions against the Ukrainian sailors in the Kerch Strait NATO countries will prepare a collective response. On Tuesday, 4 December, said the US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo after a Ministerial meeting of NATO in Brussels, reports European truth.

“There are two things that we have clearly defined during meetings with the Ukrainian Minister: the complete unity that the Russian actions were illegal and unacceptable, and that a policy of deterrence must be restored,” said Pompeo.

U.S. Secretary of state urged Russia to immediately release the seized Ukrainian sailors being held on Russian territory.

“We will develop a collective response, to demonstrate to Russia that such behavior is simply unacceptable,” she added.

Earlier, NATO said that Russia had no reason to seize Ukrainian ships and the use of force.

Also, the state Department suggested to block Russian ships.


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