Poor energy efficiency is costing Ukraine $1.5 billion – Ministry

Низкая энергоэффективность обходится Украине в $1,5 миллиарда - МЭРТ

In Ukraine inefficiently uses the energy

Every year on poorly insulated pipes Ukraine loses an amount equal to one tranche of the International monetary Fund.

Ukraine, due to the low efficiency loses 100 million per day or nearly 1.5 billion US dollars per year. On this forum advising companies on energy efficiency said the Director of the industrial policy Department of the Ministry of economic development and trade of Ukraine Alexander Black, said on Friday, September 14, UKRINFORM.

“There is an opinion that we are a country with very cold climate, so we have the cost of electricity more than in warm countries. But somehow, in the Nordic countries, where the climate is gentle, the efficiency of enterprises is significantly higher. According to estimates of power, energy losses through poor energy efficiency is 100 million UAH per day. This is $ 1.5 billion. USA for a year. This is one tranche of the IMF!” – said Black.

Earlier it was reported that Switzerland intends to allocate money for energy efficiency in Ukraine.

Recall the introduction of energy saving technologies in half to cover the costs of Ukraine’s gas import.

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