Poor people are happy in marriage – the scientists

Небогатые люди счастливы в браке - ученые

Scientists saw a link between income and happiness in marriage

If the couple income less $60 thousand a year, she’s more likely to be happy. This allows people to care more about each other, to the overall budget.

Poor married people are significantly happier than couples with higher incomes. This is evidenced by the results of a study conducted by researchers at the State University of Georgia, writes the Daily Mail on Wednesday, April 11.

It is noted that the marriage can make happy only those couples whose total income is less than $60 thousand a year. This indicator allows the people to care more about each other, to the total budget and calmer to discuss serious waste.

The team also noted that low income in most cases allows most people to avoid unnecessary stress and to seek help from each other. This allows you to quickly adapt to the psychological characteristics of the partner.

Earlier it was reported that married or living with their partners, people tend to experience greater satisfaction from life than singles.


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