Pope Francis celebrates 80th anniversary

Папа Римский Франциск сегодня празднует 80-летие

Pope Francis, archival photo

Today, 17 December, is 80 years old Pope Francis.

Earlier, according to AP, on the occasion of the anniversary of the Pope the Vatican opened the seven email accounts with which to send congratulatory letters in Latin, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, English, French, German and Polish.

Meanwhile, it is worth noting that there are no special events in the Vatican to this day not provided. It is expected that in the morning the Pontiff will make the traditional mass. After that, he appointed to several audiences.

Later, the Pope will attend the Church service which will be held in the chapel Paolina, located closed to visitors part of the Apostolic Palace in the Vatican. This is where Francis spent the first few minutes after his election as head of the Roman Catholic Church.

Recall, the Pope Francis is the 266 th Pope of Rome. He was elected on March 13, 2013

Francis is the first Pope from the New world and the first in more than 1,200 years, Pope not from Europe (after the Syrian Gregory III, who ruled from 731 at 741.). He is also the first Pope is a Jesuit.