Poroshenko about the song Jamala: Initially in the Crimean Tatar language it was called “our Crimea”

Порошенко о песне Джамалы: Изначально на крымскотатарском языке она называлась "Крым наш"

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said that the song Jamala “1944”, with which she won the “Eurovision 2016”, initially in the Crimean Tatar language was called “our Crimea”. The head of state said during the opening of the exhibition “Gold of the nation. Approximation”, which was broadcast channel “112 Ukraine”.

“I think it is no coincidence that she changed the name of this song, which was originally in the Crimean Tatar language was called “our Crimea”, the name “1944”. This name change has encouraged many people who had no idea never knew what happened in 1944 of the Crimean Tatar people, with hundreds of thousands of our fellow citizens who found out and were shocked. Many who heard this song, including my wife just cried when I heard these emotions. This charisma, which is from Jamala” he said.

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Recall that the Ukrainian singer Jamal took first place in the final of “Eurovision 2016”. In second place – the representative of Australia demi Them, and the third – Russian singer Sergey Lazarev.

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