Poroshenko accused Russia in “international club of dictators”

Порошенко обвинил Россию в руководстве "международным клубом диктаторов"

The President Of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko

The President of Ukraine urged the world to stop perceiving the behavior of the Kremlin, just as the antics of a spoiled teenager, and treated as a serious crime.

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko declared that Russia leads “international club” dictators who defied the civilized world. He stated this during the XI Kiev security forum, reports 112 Ukraina.

“Russia not only continues to mock international law, generally accepted principles of international relations and to democratic values, not respecting the commandments of God even in these festive days of Easter. Russia instigates, directs, and manages the so-called “international club of dictators” that as “crazy suicide club” decided to challenge the entire civilized world,” he said.

Poroshenko urged the world to take Russia seriously.

“If before someone decided to treat the behavior of the Kremlin, just as the antics of a spoiled teenager, but now, finally, it was time to treat him to this behavior as a serious crime, which require a strong, broad and well-coordinated response,” the President added.

Poroshenko reminded that the cold war is already underway, and is long enough.

“This war has already crossed our threshold and you walked into our house,” – said Poroshenko.

As reported, Poroshenko may have discussed tougher sanctions against Russia. Poroshenko expressed solidarity with the British people and government about the poisoning Sergei Skripal.

Earlier, Poroshenko discussed with Steinmeier sanctions against Russia.

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