Poroshenko acknowledged the lack of improvement in Ukraine

Порошенко признал отсутствие улучшений в Украине

Poroshenko issued his annual address to Parliament

The President listed the tasks of the authorities, who failed to perform during his term.

President Petro Poroshenko during his speech in the Verkhovna Rada on Thursday, 20 September, said that during his tenure failed to end the war, the fight against corruption did not produce the expected results, the Ukrainians have not yet felt improvement in quality of life.

“I would like to mention frankly, a large part of society objectively dissatisfied: failed to end the war and restore the territorial integrity of Ukraine. As a result of aggression lost 20% of the industrial potential of the country”, – said the President.

He noted that this triggered a Domino effect throughout the economy and caused a deep social crisis. “We survived and resumed growth. However, the majority of Ukrainians have not yet felt improvement in well-being”, – said Poroshenko.

He stressed that the standard of living is recovering slowly and unevenly across regions and social and age groups, but especially vulnerable are pensioners.

“We have created you of anti-corruption infrastructure, some new bodies have invested considerable financial resources of taxpayers of Ukraine, but so far, the efficiency of me as President is not satisfied. And the society is disappointed with the dynamics of anti-corruption fight, claims people is justified,” – said the head of state.

He drew attention to the serious emigration from Ukraine.

“Unfortunately, the government has made mistakes in personnel policy, and bold experiments in this area proved ineffective. The pace of reform is not the same as the rate that we had projected at the start. The problems were deeper, the resistance – better decisions – more difficult,” – said the President.

At the same time, Poroshenko said that in recent years Ukrainian government has made a lot of tactical mistakes, but no mistake in strategy.

“Perhaps in recent years the government has made many tactical errors. And for that, I personally lies the responsibility. But I do know that we were not wrong and have not sinned in matters of strategy!” the President emphasized.

According to him, the purpose of the Ukrainian government now is to make a strong and successful Ukraine is the inalienable and indisputable part of Europe, without any prospect of returning to the Russian sphere of influence.

During his speech, Poroshenko urged MPs to support amendments to the Constitution, writing in her course to join NATO and the EU.

Earlier, Poroshenko assured that after the elections in 2019, of a default in Ukraine will not.


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