Poroshenko admits the elections in Donbass this year

Порошенко допускает выборы на Донбассе в этом году

The authorities are preparing to resume politicheskih processes in the Donbass, said Poroshenko

The President does not exclude the holding of elections in the uncontrolled region. but under certain conditions.

President Petro Poroshenko does not exclude the possibility of holding local elections in the Donbass in 2016 by providing the necessary conditions. He stated this during his visit to Kramatorsk.

“I do not exclude that”, – he told, answering a question on possible timing of the elections in the Donbass.

The President also said that Ukraine is preparing for the resumption of political processes to resolve the situation in the East of the country.

“Preparing for the resumption of the political process. But they can only happen when the contact line will stand armed international monitoring of the OSCE mission to ensure hundred percent of the cease-fire; and when designated according to the Minsk agreements heavy equipment and artillery will be under the protection of the international police mission and when control over the uncontrolled section of the Ukrainian-Russian border first will go to the armed police, the OSCE, and the second stage – to the Ukrainian border,” – said the President.

In addition, the President stated that the international partners at this time support the idea of Ukraine on introduction of armed peacekeeping mission in the Donbass.

Poroshenko said that sanctions on Russia are used in connection with the failure and reimplementation of the Minsk agreements.

As reported in Kramatorsk Poroshenko arrived to start the work of the new police in the city.

We will remind, before mass media reported that the President already has developed a draft law on local elections in the Donbass.

In Germany, Poland and France insist on the adoption of the law on elections in the Donbass.

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