Poroshenko: Army will receive 200 units of new equipment

Порошенко: Армия получит 200 единиц новой техники

Among them – 62 tanks.

Ukrainian military will receive 200 new units of equipment, said President Petro Poroshenko on Saturday, October 14. “Today, sent in troops to pass another batch of weapons and equipment – 200 pieces. Of them – 62 tanks”, – wrote Poroshenko in his Twitter.

The President today participated in the ceremony of taking the oath by the students of Kyiv military Lyceum named Bohun on the Sofia square

“Today we remember the centenary of the UNR army, who defended our land from armed aggression from the outside and “red” and “white” Russia… October 14 is directly connected with modern heroes: soldiers, volunteers, volunteers, medical workers, employees of defense enterprises,” – said Poroshenko at the ceremony.

Recently specialists of the Kharkov design Bureau. Morozov showed the latest BTR-4МВ1.