Poroshenko: Decommunization must be completed

Порошенко: Декоммунизация должна быть завершена

President Petro Poroshenko

The President urged to remove names of the “butchers”.

President Petro Poroshenko called on Ukrainians, the local community and politicians to complete the process of de-communization in the country.

“This week I have closely followed the debate in Parliament on this subject – not only W on the attorney General thought. What decision I would advise MPs? On the one hand, the interests of national security require the completion of de-communization. With this comes that those who have not changed their name must still be called in a new way- to the point!” – the President said.

However, he said, should take into account the opinion of the people on the ground. “Not the fault of the centre that a number of communities, often as a result of the manipulations of politicians, had a frivolous attitude to the problem and do not make a decision on this issue in the timeframe envisaged by the law. But is it not in your power to give communities additional time and another opportunity to make a decision themselves to choose their name?”, – said Poroshenko, addressing to the deputies.

He noted the importance in order to remove the names of the “butchers” from the map of Ukraine and warned against a return to the Imperial titles: “the Only caution is not to go back to the old Imperial names. I will not allow the map of Ukraine once again tarnished the names of Novorossiysk”, – the President emphasized.

Today, may 15, in Ukraine remember victims of political repressions. Honoring the Day of memory will begin in the preserve Bykivnia graves.

Earlier in Ukraine filed a lawsuit against de-communization. Residents of the two villages opposed the renaming.

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