Poroshenko dismisses Medvedchuk from negotiations

Порошенко отстраняет Медведчука от переговоров

Poroshenko initiated the deprivation of Medvedchuk’s authority

Medvedchuk in the negotiations had only one function – the release of the hostages, and he performed inefficiently, the President said.

President Petro Poroshenko appealed to the security service with the request to consider the dismissal of Viktor Medvedchuk from his function in freeing the hostages. The President said Wednesday evening, April 10, live radio New time.

“De facto Mr. Medvedchuk represents the Russian Federation and Mr. Putin”, – said Poroshenko in response to the request of journalists to comment on recent statements by Medvedchuk on how to resolve the conflict in the Donbass.

Medvedchuk, according to Poroshenko, was the only channel of communication with Russian President Vladimir Putin, “which proved to be ineffective”.

“It is not the competence of Medvedchuk to decide what to do about Ukraine”, – said the President.

The godfather of Putin, according to Poroshenko, there was one feature – the release of the hostages. Last time it happened in December 2017. “To call it effective definitely not” – said Poroshenko.


Earlier, in GPU reported that Boiko and Medvedchuk will open the case for the flight to Russia.

As reported, 27 Dec 2017 major exchange in the Ukraine-controlled territory were transported 73 hostage separatists Kiev gave 233 as they may request.


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