Poroshenko explained the participation of NATO troops in the parade

Порошенко объяснил участие солдат НАТО в параде

The President noted the symbolism of foreign soldiers on the Maidan.

President Petro Poroshenko is the main idea of the parade in honor of independence Day of Ukraine called March through downtown Kiev in the side of Ukrainian soldiers “with allies in the fight against Russian aggression”, reports UNN.

He noted that Ukraine is not just demonstrated “strong, newborn Ukrainian army, Ukrainian heroes, well-trained, well-dressed, well-armed and Patriotic”.

“The idea of this parade was, for the first time in the history of Ukraine on independence square, Khreshchatyk were our allies, partners who support Ukraine now, in the fight against Russian aggression”, – Poroshenko said, adding that “it has never been so important and so symbolic”.

The President noted that units of the Armed forces of the United States, UK, European countries, NATO, Moldova, Georgia “shoulder to shoulder with the Ukrainian defenders went on Khreshchatyk and independence square, symbolizing the unity of Ukraine with the world”.

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