Poroshenko has prepared a reform plan to Cabinet

У Порошенко подготовили план реформ для Кабмина

The head of AP has submitted a package of proposals for the work of the new government

The PA hopes that this will help to speed up the decision-making process.

The administration of President Petro Poroshenko together with the Council developed proposals to reform the Cabinet. About this in his Facebook said the head of AP Boris Lozhkin.

According to him, these proposals are divided into four blocks, among which, in particular, proposals for the priority action plan of the Cabinet during the first 100 days of operation.

According to him, in particular, it is proposed to expand the powers of Ministers in matters of appointment and dismissal of his deputies.

“We took into account the experience of the previous government, and we believe this is an important step that will accelerate the process of adoption by the ministries of key decisions without unnecessary bureaucracy and the influence of outside,” wrote Lozhkin.

However, he stressed that the new government until the end of may must be taken 24 an important bill, “because this will determine if Ukraine will receive $ 7 billion from the IMF, 705 million euros from the EU and an additional $ 1 billion under the guarantee of the U.S. government.”

Earlier on April 13, Groisman appealed to Ukrainians with a request for support.

As reported, the work plan of the government of the new Prime Minister promised to develop within a month.

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