Poroshenko: I also require tariff reduction

Порошенко: Я тоже требую снижения тарифов

The head of state said that the establishment of tariffs for gas is not within the competence of the President, but soon they will not grow.

President Petro Poroshenko stated that he would be glad to reduce tariffs, but it is not the responsibility of the head of state. He said this on Wednesday, April 17, responding to a question during a meeting with representatives of public organizations Reanimation package of reforms, according to Ukrainian Pravda.

“I will respond to “provocation” absolutely clear: I, along with the Ukrainian people want lower rates – especially that of the President is not independent. Well, if people want – need to do it,” – Poroshenko said, laughing.

“And now a serious answer. Now for this market – not the President, not the Prime Minister, not Naftogaz, and the market – has created the necessary conditions, because spot contracts, and contracts to hubs in Europe, allow us to definitely not increase in may, the tariffs,” he added.

Poroshenko also added that the appointment or dismissal of Andriy Kobolyev from leadership positions in Naftogaz is not the competence of the President.

“I heard that there is a proposal to recalculate the rates. The government is the owner of Naftogaz, the government approves the financial plan. Works there is a Board of independent Directors, which the government finds a compromise. And I was very happy to see if prices are cheaper in foreign markets, the Ukrainians would pay less,” he said.

We will remind, on April 3, the Cabinet adopted a decree, which allows Naftogaz to reduce gas prices for the population.


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