Poroshenko in 2017 received 336 thousand hryvnias of a salary

Порошенко в 2017 году получил 336 тысяч гривен зарплаты

President Poroshenko receives a lower salary than the head of the presidential administration Igor rainin. The difference is almost 202 thousand hryvnias.

In 2017, the salary of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko amounted to 336 thousand. This was reported in the response of the presidential Administration to the request for information of the Interfax-Ukraine.

In terms of months is 28 thousand hryvnia per month. According to the AP, the entire amount of the salary consists of base salary.

It is reported that the salary Poroshenko transferred to charity.

At the same time the salary of the head of the presidential Administration Igor Rainin was accrued in the amount of UAH 537 775. This is almost 202 thousand hryvnias more, than the salary of the President Poroshenko.

As noted, rainin in addition to the salary received various allowances bonuses and other payments.

So, the salary amounted to 190 thousand UAH 876,07; allowance for years of service – 65 thousand UAH 543,47; allowance for work under conditions of regime restrictions – 28 631,4 thousand UAH; allowance for the intensity of labor – 585,07 23 thousand UAH; allowance for the performance of functions of state expert on secrets – 38 thousand UAH 175,21; award – 496,36 90 thousand UAH; other costs (travel, vacation, indexing and others) – 100 thousand UAH 468,05.

As reported, in June 2016 Poroshenko earned more than 30 thousand hryvnias.

And in January 2016 Petro Poroshenko earned 11 620 hryvnia.