Poroshenko intends to propose to restore special military courts

Порошенко намерен предложить восстановить специальные военные суды

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said that he plans to propose restoring special military courts under the existing international practice. The head of state said in Facebook, commenting on the verdict General Viktor Nazarov in the case of the downed Il-76 in the Lugansk airport.

“To assess the actions of commanders in a combat situation needs military experts, military experts and military judges, not civilians. At least now, while there is this terrible insidious hybrid warfare. Justice definitely needs to be achieved in court, but the decisions of military courts will not be questioned by our soldiers”, – said the President.

Poroshenko added that as commander in chief he could not stay silent after the verdict of one of the civil courts, which sentenced army General to imprisonment for 7 years.

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“Our military doing their duty to protect Ukraine. Sometimes the cost of his own life. Understand the grief of the families. But truly to blame for the deaths of our heroes is the enemy who treacherously invaded our land. The only justification for these deaths is approaching them inevitable victory,” – said the head of state.

According to him, over the last three years in Ukraine raised a new generation of enterprising, daring and sometimes desperate commanders, who ensure the protection of the state. “To hobble their judgments would be foolish from the standpoint of ensuring the defense capability and security,” the President added.

“That’s why I plan to propose the renewal of the special military courts in accordance with existing international practices”, he concluded.

Yesterday General Viktor Nazarov was sentenced to 7 years imprisonment in the case of the downed Il-76 in the Lugansk airport.

Recall, June 14 2014, militants in Lugansk shot down a Il-76 aircraft, which was landing. As a result of the tragedy killed 9 crew members and 40 soldiers. The Prosecutor’s office regarded actions of the militants as a terrorist attack.

On November 25 Pechersky regional the court arrested General Viktor Nazarov on suspicion of involvement in the crash of Il-76 aircraft and set bail in the amount of 365 thousand UAH. The Prosecutor’s office claims that the General did not take into account the information security service about the threat to shoot down aircraft and allowed the special operation for the delivery company of the military in Lugansk airport. He Nazarov denied the allegations. He subsequently made bail.

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