Poroshenko is calling for the leaders of the factions of the IMF

Порошенко зовет к себе лидеров фракций из-за МВФ

Poroshenko gathers the leaders of the factions because of the situation with the IMF

The President is going to say about those who started the embargo, write media.

President Petro Poroshenko tonight gathers for a meeting of leaders of parliamentary factions and groups, told the journalists said the Deputy BPP Igor Kononenko.

As writes the Ukrainian Pravda, citing sources in the presidential administration, Poroshenko intends to discuss with the MPs the situation that has emerged around the IMF tranche.

“I think the President will say about those who started the blockade,” said one of the interlocutors.

Also note that today, Poroshenko said that the loan of EU € 600 million will be allocated immediately after granting Ukraine the next tranche from the IMF.

Recall, scheduled for March 20 meeting of the IMF delay to assess the impact of recent events on the programme of cooperation.

Correspondent.net has gathered information about changes in the decisions of the IMF.