Poroshenko: Launch of e-Declaration is a revolutionary step that would forever change the system of civil service

Порошенко: Запуск е-декларирования – это революционный шаг, который навсегда изменит систему госслужбы

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said that the launch of electronic Declaration of assets of officials is another important step in creating new modern structures to combat corruption in Ukraine. In particular, he wrote on his Facebook page after the State service of special communication and protection of information referred to the National Agency for corruption prevention (NACP) a certificate of compliance of a comprehensive information security system of the unified register of electronic declarations, and NACP has approved the launch of the electronic register of declarations 1 September 2016.

“Without a doubt, the launch of electronic Declaration is a revolutionary step that will forever divide the system of state service of the “before” and “after” its introduction,” he said.

This Poroshenko said that he considers himself one of the authors of the system of e-Declaration. “It cost me a lot of effort to convince the deputies of the faction leaders to support its creation, and then to agree on the technology, before the comma, inclusive, with our European partners,” he wrote.

Poroshenko also noted that “had to intervene two weeks ago, overcoming technical problems and take personal control of a full-fledged launch of the system.”

The President of Ukraine thanked all those involved in the system start-up. “We are taking another important step in creating a new modern structure in the fight against corruption, and what is important in designing preventive mechanisms”, he concluded.

As reported in the NACP stated that the system of electronic Declaration with a certificate of conformity ready to be launched from 1 September. Launch is scheduled for midnight.