Poroshenko may review the decision of Yanukovych citizenship Novinsky, MP

Порошенко может пересмотреть решение Януковича по гражданству Новинского, - народный депутат

The President of Ukraine must respond to the e-petition, in which Ukrainians asked the guarantor of the Constitution to check the legality of granting Vadim Novinsky citizenship of Ukraine. About it in the comments on the sidelines of the Parliament said the people’s Deputy of Ukraine Volodymyr Parasyuk.

Note that April 12 electronic petition No. 22/019983 “For reviewing the legality of awarding Vladimir Novinsky citizenship of Ukraine” has gained more than 25 thousand votes, and got on consideration to the President.

“If people have such a vision, 25 thousand, 100 thousand, gathered, and have such opinion, then this opinion should not simply be ignored. So, in this opinion there is definitely a grain of truth, said Parasyuk. – First, the President must respond, and secondly, I think that Novinsky is necessary to deprive of citizenship. My such vision. I believe that such MPs cannot be MPs. And secondly, such a person loose a lot of conflict in our state.”

We will remind, the Deputy from the Oppositional bloc Vadim Novinsky became the citizen of Ukraine in 2012. The citizenship of the Russian millionaire, the owner of the company “Smart-holding” in person “For special merits before Ukraine” was presented by Viktor Yanukovych. The media has repeatedly reported that Novinsky, getting a Ukrainian passport, and was released from the citizenship of the Russian Federation. About a year ago, said the people’s Deputy of Ukraine Tatyana Chernovol. The presence of another citizenship is cause for review of the decision on granting of passport Novinsky, said the people’s Deputy Igor Lutsenko. However, it is unlikely that the government will go for it, said the MP.

“As for Novinsky is a Pandora’s box. We got a bunch of people here with double, triple passports. And probably, in presidential administration consider: what would be more beneficial to start this process, or it may not start. There is already possible to reach the first of the President’s friends, who also have, for example, a Panamanian passport. Skeletons in closets so much that they are afraid to touch. I think that will be a zero response, ” – said I. Lutsenko.

However, the MP still hopes that the President will respond to the petition and the relevant authorities to verify the legality of granting Ukrainian citizenship Novinsky.

“Of course, Novinsky – is not the type of person who should be here in Parliament. The enemy, by and large. Who prepared the springboard for Russian aggression. He’s here with the mandate of the sitting. Apparently, the next foothold is preparing”, – said Igor Lutsenko.

“He’s in the first place, Pro-Russian politician, and it shows in his rhetoric, his behavior. He is not a statist, and believe me, he has no desire to do something good for the country”, – said Vladimir Parasyuk.