Poroshenko met in the army, he practiced, judo – wrestling

С Порошенко познакомился в армии, он занимался дзюдо, я - вольной борьбой

The people’s Deputy Igor Kononenko in the Studio “112 Ukraine”. 18.12.2016

Vlashchenko: events of the week discussed with the people’s Deputy of Ukraine, Deputy head of the faction PPO Igor Kononenko.

Hello, Igor Vitalievich. What actually happened with “PrivatBank”? Why nationalize the running of the Bank?

Kononenko: the banking system requires certain rules of silence and as few as possible assumptions. Then the banking system will work reliably and stably. The work “Private” had to comment on those whom it is supposed to. In this situation it is “Private” and the NBU.

С Порошенко познакомился в армии, он занимался дзюдо, я - вольной борьбой
С Порошенко познакомился в армии, он занимался дзюдо, я - вольной борьбой

С Порошенко познакомился в армии, он занимался дзюдо, я - вольной борьбой


– Turchinov is calling for a full blockade, “DNR”, “LNR”. We traded with them for coal, and there are business people who live here. How do we define during the war – we are businessmen or are we politicians?

– I have already said in your gear that when you buy coal in the occupied territories, we choose between bad and very bad. Bad to take the coal in the occupied territories, but much worse, if our citizens will be left without heat and electricity, especially in winter. But time passed, and now I think we are ready to abandon coal from the occupied territories. Today, stabilized energy balance of the country, there are prerequisites and possibilities to use coal, which is mined on the territory of Ukraine, including Western Ukraine. There are specifics of coal, but today, there are additional opportunities for the purchase of coal from South Africa, and there are opportunities in logistics, purchasing coal to China. The price difference has decreased, so I think that we have now come to abandon the purchase of coal from the occupied territories.

С Порошенко познакомился в армии, он занимался дзюдо, я - вольной борьбой
С Порошенко познакомился в армии, он занимался дзюдо, я - вольной борьбой

С Порошенко познакомился в армии, он занимался дзюдо, я - вольной борьбой


– Why do we have such a high price for electricity and gas? What she foldedeh?

In the end, the purchase price of coal approved by the Ministry of energy. Today it is about 1, 5 thousand hryvnia, and it is not tied to the “Rotterdam plus”. Included in this price. As for the cost of gas, there are several components of cost. But I want to remind you that, unfortunately, Ukrainian gas production is not enough to ensure all our needs. It is enough to provide half of the needs.

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But for the population should be 15-18, and we get 21. Let’s give our gas to the population and businessmen let them solve their issues.

– Then we go back to the schemes of Onishchenko. Because that’s what his schemes were allowed to buy gas supposedly for the population, and sell it at commercial prices for industrial enterprises. As soon as you receive several prices – the opportunities for abuse and well-fertilized soil for corruption. Rules of the game should be the same for all, and they should be clear and simple. As for population, we have a mechanism of subventions, subsidies, and simply must be improved.

– You were a lobbyist for the law on the independence of the national Commission. But if the Commission is dishonest, agrees with the monopolists, who could defend the interests of the people, really? The Commission is supposed to tell the public what was the price of gas and electricity.

– The Commission about it quite a lot says professional, technical language. Therefore, not all the Commission hearing. But the more I hear of populists who speak on this subject what they want to hear. As for the Commission itself, until the day President alone appoints all the members of the Commission. Under the new law, will be a nominating Committee of five people: two from the Parliament, two presidents, one from the government. Further, the Commission will hold a competition. We have used that gas and electricity we have to pay the market price. The structure of formation of tariffs should be under the strict control of public organizations and population. This information is in the public domain is – the method of calculation is on the site of the national Commission.

– “Naftogaz” reported that the savings on the purchase of Europe’s gas gave him saving 21 billion. But I think that they are evil. They just raised the price.

– I agree with you that the income of “Naftogaz” partially received due to a rate increase. My point is that this profit should be withdrawn in the budget, in the form of income tax and 75% rates on dividends that exists for state-owned enterprises. Next, the lion’s share of this profit should go to subsidies for low – income families to compensate them for the difference in higher rates.

– Subsidies we receive about 80% of the population. It turns out that a small part of the country pays for all higher tariffs.

– Ideally to have all people get a decent salary and that it was enough for utilities and food, and to ensure a decent standard of living.

With your assistance, adopted the law establishing the road Fund, which will be in 2018. Created Fund, which will join annually from 40 to 70 billion hryvnia, and it will be money that will be spent on construction of roads. Where will you find the money?

– There is a formal proposal of our party, which was in the budget Committee that we insist on the inclusion of an additional 15 billion hryvnia next year, the road Fund that we have already started to build the road next year. We are talking about the optimization of borrowing the Ministry of Finance to the NBU for a total of 350 billion UAH, received in different years. As a result of optimization of these debts appears 15 billion hryvnia, which we propose to direct the road Fund to the following year, he earned. But from the 18th year, it will operate according to the formula and according to the law, and already there will be its income.

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– Do you have the coalition, the sense of political responsibility that was not made with the CEC, which “outlasted” 2.5 years? And the testimony Onishchenko ask whether all elections.

I don’t know how art or chatter can Onishchenko questioned the legitimization of the elections. As for CEC, it is my opinion that this should have been done before, and the President based on the proposals of the factions has made a nomination in Parliament.

– Among those candidates with no opposition.

– ‘m sure there are one or two candidates from the coalition. But it is now the task of Parliament to vote for the resignation of those members of the CEC, whose powers ended.

– What can you say about whether the Parliament attempted bribery of MPs, pressure on deputies from the AP? Ie, what was said Onishchenko.

– I prefer to in such delicate situations was called names. If Onishchenko calls 50-60 MPs who were bribing, then let them say what about the bills in question, and publish a list of MPs who were given money. Through this Parliament, which runs for two years, I have never been one lobbying for the bill. So, to say that there is some economic basis for corruption, is difficult. But as soon as the names, I’m personally ready to sign the corresponding request to NABOO in order to these people were open and, in the result of investigation it was revealed that they took money or not.

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– You started his political activity with city Council, with Chernovetsky’s faction. Why did you come into politics as a successful businessman?

– I’m eight years was a member of the city Council and believe that the media fairly carefully studied not only my work but also my assets. I am an MP in the local councils do not consider political activities. The city Council is a more collegial body, which helps the mayor of Kiev city administration to resolve economic issues, legitimizing them. Less policy will local councils the better.

– A number of deputies to solve their issues while in city Council?

– Not only in Kiev, but also in the country today, many people who have a great business. As for today’s city Council members, who are all nominees, of course, they solve problems in their district. I think it’s good, and the people of Kiev like it.

– You and Poroshenko met in the army. And as you said your first draft was against “grandfathers”. One of you fought?

– We were both well prepared at that time. He was doing judo, I was engaged in wrestling. So we had a joint capacity. We didn’t let himself be hurt.

– Is it true that you rent your BMW in accordance with the Declaration, the honorary Consul of the Republic of Seychelles Islands to Ukraine?

– With regard to e-Declaration, she made everyone organize their assets. It so happened that one of the cars rented at the honorary Consulate. So it was last year. To date, I have it ordered, and I’ll post next week changes to its Declaration. I acquired a 50% stake in the company of his father, where was my car and my family and I use. As it turned out, if the firm belongs to the father, then I have to rent, and if I – should not. So I’m 50% of the shares bought from his father, to himself not to rent.

– Do you watch when you go to the President?

– Recently I go without hours – more phone use.

– Whether to remove from office R. Nasirov?

– The question not in my competence. This question should be answered by the Minister of Finance and Prime Minister.

– They say that Nasirov – your creature.

That is not true.

– How do you feel about the fact that Groysman sold the apartment to his wife?

– We have to get used to the fact that we have information on the status of a certain circle of officials, MPs is in the public domain, and learn to analyze it, and not pull out something from the context. If somewhere someone has a violation, then the relevant authorities should make informed decisions.

– You have an account offshore?

– I don’t have not only accounts in offshore, but offshore not, and never was. The presence or absence of offshore is not a violation. It’s simple – pay or don’t pay you taxes. I want in our country, every citizen proudly said: “I am a taxpayer.” We have, unfortunately, not all can say.

Is your daughter studying abroad?

Yes. And Junior continues to learn.

– The account where the money was paying for her tuition?

Today I’m paying it with my credit card. Before paying cash or with your Bank account.

– Do you have premium weapons? Who awarded you?

– Is. Nalyvaychenko was awarded.

– For what?

– It was in 2015. The document does not provide language.

– How many of you have passports?

Two. Diplomatic and conventional.

– You have the citizenship of other countries?

– No.

– Do you know how many structures Medvedchuk involved in trade relations with Russia?

– No, I did not analyze this area.

– Your attitude towards early elections?

– I oppose any early elections. I believe that we must learn to live by the rules, the Constitution and the law.

– Where does your family live?

– In Kiev. According to the Declaration, my whole family lives in the same house, including daughter-in-law. Only the youngest daughter is studying in Switzerland.

– What is the monthly budget of your family?

Given that I have a large house and large expenses for communal only communal we spend about 40-50 thousand.

– Do you have deposits in “Private”?

– No.

– Why the Deputy N. Novak derived from the international delegations?

– Not yet withdrawn, because the decision must take the international relations Committee is the decision of the faction. The decision was made by six deputies. The reason – participation in other political forces or other political projects, which was publicly announced. Novak participates in the political project of “Hvilya” with Chumak.

– Where will you celebrate New year?

– Haven’t thought of yet. While thinking about how to make a budget.

– What would you say a child of five to the question about the main goal of your life?

The child I would say: “do good to people.” As an adult I would say that I wish in our country was a free liberal economy and to investors were Queuing to invest in Ukraine. And we would choose who to take and whom not to take.

Three wins of the current government, from your point of view, over the past two years?

– This year’s global victory, we found more than 300 votes for constitutional changes in the judicial system and we launched it. I’m sure in a year the opinion of the courts will change. Two – the law on the national Commission and the law on the road Fund.

– Thank you very much.

С Порошенко познакомился в армии, он занимался дзюдо, я - вольной борьбой
С Порошенко познакомился в армии, он занимался дзюдо, я - вольной борьбой

С Порошенко познакомился в армии, он занимался дзюдо, я - вольной борьбой