Poroshenko Nasirov: the Case must be brought to an end

Порошенко о Насирове: Дело нужно довести до конца

Poroshenko said that the case against Nasirov must be brought to an end

Anti-corruption bodies are independent and are able to investigate, said the President.

President Petro Poroshenko said that the investigation against the head of gospitalniy service of the Roman Nasirov must be brought to an end.

On the eve Nasirova suspect handed at the hospital of Feofania. Chapter gospitalniy service is suspected of causing damage to 2 billion hryvnia. According to the investigation, he took an unreasonable decision to defer a rent payment for extraction of mineral resources.

“I am sure that the establishment with the participation of the President of the independent anti-corruption infrastructure just proves she’s truly independent and has the ability to do their job. The only thing that it should be brought to an end and justification must be serious,” he said.

According to him, anti-corruption bodies are independent and are able to conduct objective investigation in this case.

“I think that everyone is equal before the law and independent law enforcement agencies have the opportunity to realize their business in compliance with all positions,” – said the President.

Note that social networks ridiculed the arrest Nasirova, as on the eve of arrival to it of employees of NABOO, he was in the hospital. And when he read the suspicion, Nasirov, according to attorneys, was in an unconscious state.