Poroshenko need to resign because of offshore survey

Порошенко нужно уйти в отставку из-за офшоров - опрос

Almost half of the respondents believe that the President can not hold his post after the scandal with his companies.

The majority of Ukrainian respondents read that the President of Petro Poroshenko should resign over offshore scandal. This is demonstrated by the opinion poll of the Kiev international Institute of sociology (KIIS).

Opinion about the resignation was supported by 48,6% of the respondents, 17,5% said “probably should”. While 9,3% of the respondents believe that the President “probably should not”, and 6,3% – “definitely should not”. 18.3% of respondents have not made their opinion are indicated in the results.

Interviewees reported that media discuss Poroshenko owning companies registered abroad in offshore zones.

The survey was carried out on the customer order, by personal interview, from 13 to 18 may. While interviewed more than 2 thousand adult respondents from 110 settlements. Also the questions asked to the residents of Donetsk and Lugansk regions living in the territories controlled by Ukraine. The survey did not participate Crimeans, said the Institute.

Recall that in early April the Centre for the study of corruption and organized crime (OCCRP) and the international consortium of investigative journalism (ICIJ) published material about the offshore companies, leaders, politicians and celebrities.

In particular, they mentioned that asset restructuring Corporation Roshen Poroshenko created three offshore companies. The President’s representatives explained that the offshore was needed for the pre-sale restructuring of the confectionery business.

At the same time, the President said that Roshen has no offshore. He also noted that with the beginning of his presidency, he withdrew from the management of assets.

Media reported that the Fund Poroshenko brought abroad nearly four million euros.

As reported the Correspondent.net, in April, the journalists found the new offshore Poroshenko.

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