Poroshenko needs to choose 5 candidates to the CEC of 9 people – Berezenko

Порошенко должен выбрать 5 кандидатов в ЦИК из 9 человек, - Березенко

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has to choose 5 candidates to the Central election Commission of 9 people. This in an exclusive comments “112 Ukraine” after the meeting of the faction “Block of Petro Poroshenko” – said the people’s Deputy Serhiy Berezenko.

“I think the CEC issue has been resolved. The only thing it needs to pass through the hall, and of course, the President makes nominations after consultation with BP. Accordingly, it is necessary to understand who, exactly, will finally make President, because there are proposals from “BPP”, from the “popular front” which faction is considered the opposition, that is, we take representatives of the CEC from the opposition?” – Berezenko says.

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However, he reported that the BPP for consideration of the President filed 5-6 candidates, and NF – three nominations, and appoint from BPP – three, and from the “popular front” – two.

We will remind, it was announced that last week the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko will submit to Parliament the candidacy of the new composition of the CEC. However, the President made a presentation about the new General Prosecutor, which was Yuri Lutsenko.

Note that 12 of the 15 CEC members 1 June 2015, ended a seven-year term of office. All the factions have already submitted their proposals to the President on the composition of the CEC. The delay was due to the lack of in Parliament representation from the head of state.