Poroshenko offers of the UOC-MP a new meeting

Порошенко предлагает УПЦ МП новую встречу

Press Secretary of the President explained the “causes” of the failure of bishops to meet with Poroshenko in the Ukrainian house.

President Petro Poroshenko is ready to meet with representatives of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate in any other day. This is stated in the press sercetary of the President in Facebook on Tuesday, November 13.

It noted that Poroshenko invited the bishops UPCM MP for a meeting in the Ukrainian house a few weeks ago.

“The President invited the bishops of the UOC (MP) to dialogue, to word of mouth heard about his talks with the Ecumenical Patriarch, the agreement between Ukraine and the Patriarchate of Constantinople and the readiness of the Ecumenical Patriarchate to promote a unifying Council”, – is spoken in the message.

“But the one who doesn’t want results, looking for reasons for failure. And the majority of bishops of the UOC (MP) began to look for explanations to not come to the meeting, saying that the place is not suitable,” reads the statement.AP.

Poroshenko also warned that ultimatums are not able to disrupt the creation of the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church, because this process is supported by the absolute majority of Ukrainian citizens. “To go against the will of their own people is obviously the way to never.”

It is noted that Poroshenko is ready to meet with the hierarchs of the UOC-MP in the Ukrainian house the other day.

“The President is ready to dialogue. Doors remain open Ukrainian house”, – wrote Tsigalko.

As you know, the bishops of the UOC-MP was waiting for Poroshenko in Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, stressing the need for a meeting only on the grounds of the Church.

Note, the results of the Council of bishops of the UOC-MP has said it will not participate in the creation of a unified Church and decided to break off the Eucharistic communion with Constantinople.


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