Poroshenko on peaceful de-occupation of Donbass took five years

У Порошенко на мирную деоккупацию Донбасса отвели пять лет

For a peaceful end to the occupation of Donbass Ukraine has 5 years

Further, the conflict can be solved only by military means.

The Deputy Minister of the temporarily occupied territories and internally displaced persons of Ukraine Georgy Tuka said that for a peaceful end to the occupation of Donbass Ukraine has 5 years old. He told about it on air “5 channel”.

According to him, for the return of the occupied territories must be entered in the Donbas police mission in the OSCE.

“We are not talking about the war of 3-5 years, and the repayment period, the de-occupation as such. Because if you look one of the ways is the introduction of the international police mission that is now the President says. There is no other way, but it does not mean that once you enter this mission, it is possible to appoint elections to return to civilian life, everything was settled, peace and quiet. It is a utopia, it is not. And the international experience says about it,” said Tuck.

“We still have some time to demilitarize. It is necessary a certain time for the return of the official state institutions of Ukraine on the territory… by the way, this is my life (3-5 years for the de-occupation), I talked about it a year ago. One year has passed, but I believe that this year we have lost,” he added.

To the question, there is a point of no return the occupied territories in the East of Ukraine, Tuck replied, “of Course there is. For objective international research conducted over the past 30 years, this period is determined approximately 5 years. Further, only the military way, ” said Tuck.

As reported, the former head of the Lugansk VGA and the current Deputy Minister for the occupied territories and internally displaced persons George Tooke admits the possible resumption of trade with the occupied territories of Donetsk and Lugansk regions.

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