Poroshenko ordered to turn on the heating in Smila

Порошенко приказал включить отопление в Смеле

The President responded to the lack of heating in bold

Petro Poroshenko instructed to turn on the heating in Smila and expects from the law enforcement reaction to the failure of the heating season in the city.

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko during the meeting of the Commission on the situation with heat supply in Smila said that the heating in cities is the direct responsibility of the mayor, and preparing for the winter – it is the responsibility of local authorities. On Thursday, November 15, informs RBC-Ukraine.

“If the deputies or the mayor for today can’t make that decision, I want to emphasize that the twist valve is not a case of the President, I was not engaged and will not be engaged. As head of state, I will not violate the rights of citizens”, – said the President.

The President also appealed to law enforcement agencies with the requirement to respond to the actions of officials, which led to emergency in Smila.

“We can’t allow irresponsible officials abused people in sub-zero temperatures on the street. Now I don’t care who is to blame for the state of emergency in Smila. If someone in Smila or in Kiev can not decide, afraid to break the seal – I accept. I’ll give you a few hours to report to me that the heat is running and the gas went,” – said Poroshenko.

As reported, police in Cherkasy region sent additional forces to the Brave.

We will remind, on November 14 the inhabitants are Brave picketed the Cabinet. The company, which provided services to represent the heat owed to the gas supplier more than 100 million UAH. Because of this the city without heat houses, hospitals, kindergartens and schools.


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