Poroshenko responded to the actions of “Azov”

Порошенко ответил на акции "Азова"

The military way of the return of the Donbass does not exist, said the “Azov” President.

Commenting on the past March in Kiev activists of “Azov”, President Petro Poroshenko stressed that the only way to restore Ukrainian sovereignty in the Donbass is a politico-diplomatic settlement. He stated this at a meeting of the NSDC, Interfax-Ukraine.

“I can not say a few words about today’s March in Kiev. First there were these pictures on Russian television – bus, firecrackers, reports of the wounded cops, wounded civilians. These pictures are distributed and deliberately podygryvanii pictures that today allegedly trying to destabilize the situation in the state. Again, it is an absolutely clear position – military way for the return of Donbass does not exist”, – said Poroshenko.

The President once again listed the conditions of the Minsk agreement, on which depends the solution of the conflict in the East of the country. “To disrupt peace processes under the guise of anything-is absolutely irresponsible to the state, and it will only lead to the fact that the part of Donetsk and Lugansk, as a result of these processes, will remain under occupation”, – said Poroshenko.

He also said that the majority of Ukrainians support peace and peaceful return of Ukrainian sovereignty over the occupied territories. “With this road we will not deviate”, – said Poroshenko.

As it was informed, today activists of the “Azov” staged several rallies in Kiev and Boryspil airport. They oppose holding elections in the Donbass. During the stock, “residents of Azov” has threatened physical violence to the MPs.