Poroshenko: Russian Aggression in the Donbas killed more than 10 thousand Ukrainians

Порошенко: Агрессия РФ на Донбассе унесла жизни более 10 тыс. украинцев

As a result of more than two-year armed aggression of the Russian Federation (RF) in the Donbas killed more than 10 thousand citizens of Ukraine, more than 20 thousand Ukrainians were injured, nearly 1.8 million people were forced to leave their homes. The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said in the segment the leaders of the world humanitarian summit in Istanbul, the press service of the head of state.

“For more than two years, my country is the target of Russian aggression. The humanitarian consequences of this aggression are more than 10 thousand victims of Ukrainians, more than 20 thousand injured and an estimated 1.8 million internally displaced persons”, – said Poroshenko.

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