Poroshenko said about the development of Ukrainian music

Порошенко заявил о развитии украинской музыки

The Ukrainian language should always sound in a loud voice, says Petro Poroshenko

The President said that over the past year, the Ukrainian music has developed considerably, but the social network literally buzzing about the domestic artists.

President Petro Poroshenko said about the significant development of Ukrainian music over the last year. He said this on Wednesday, January 2, in Facebook.

In particular, according to him, last year Ukrainian music is pretty developed, but the social network literally buzzing about the domestic artists.

“I am happy when I see how the last year was development of Ukrainian music – from folk to dance music and rock. There are many modern, vivid songs from both famous bands and new talented musicians. The social network, without exaggeration, was buzzing about the Ukrainian stars” – wrote the head of state.

In this context, Poroshenko reminded of the incredible breakthrough of the group of KAZKA.

“To talk, write, sing in Ukrainian, it has become a drive, it has become fashionable, we do need to support this trend, as the Ukrainian language should always sound loud!” the President emphasized.

Previously, the national Council on TV and radio said that the share of Ukrainian language in the broadcast of national television channels are now averaging 92%.

It was also reported that two years of language quotas, the share of Ukrainian-language songs on the radio increased by four percentage points.

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