Poroshenko said about the “Marshall plan for Ukraine”

Порошенко заявил о "плане Маршалла для Украины"

Poroshenko told about the development of a “Marshall plan for Ukraine”

The relevant resolution was passed in Malta, said the President.

President Petro Poroshenko said that the results of participation in Congress of European people’s party adopted a resolution on the development of a “Marshall plan for Ukraine”.

“Thank you EPP for the adoption at the initiative of our Lithuanian partners a very important resolution on the development of a long-term plan to support Ukraine, the so-called “Marshall Plan for Ukraine”, – he wrote in Facebook.

According to him, this resolution is proof of the resolve of “an influential political family” of Europe to support Ukraine on the path of reform.

“In other words, the European people’s party acknowledged the European perspective of Ukraine and prepared in a specific way to help us achieve this strategic goal,” he said.

Poroshenko added that he expects further steps with European partners in the creation of the “Marshall Plan for Ukraine”.

“I’m ready to discuss this issue during future contacts with the leaders of the institutions and the member States of the EU,” the President wrote.

We will remind, during a speech at the EPP Congress, Poroshenko said that the Kremlin’s goal is to divide Europe.

Also note that last year it was reported that Germany is preparing “Marshall plan” for Ukraine.

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