Poroshenko said that the need for economic growth

Порошенко рассказал, что нужно для роста экономики

Poroshenko commented on the growth of investment

The President believes that we need an unusual approach for improving investment.

Ukrainian authorities are forced to look for innovative approaches to improving the investment climate and economic growth. About this Poroshenko wrote in the column published in a special issue of the Ukrainian edition of New times and The Economist World.

“The broken multi-year trend of falling because of the war, the loss of a significant part of industrial potential, economic aggression from the Russian Federation. But the reason for no fireworks. Such rates — absolutely unsatisfactory for the stable development of the economy and livelihood restoration. That is why we look for innovative, unconventional and liberal solutions to improve the investment climate, accelerate economic growth, create new jobs,” – wrote Poroshenko.

The President noted that last year managed to achieve economic growth, namely GDP grew by 2%. The President spoke negatively about the trade blockade in the Donbass, which led to stagnation in the industry.

Earlier, the President listed the achievements of 2017.