Poroshenko sees salvation from the Northern stream Energy Union with the EU

Порошенко видит спасение от Северного потока в Энергосоюзе с ЕС

Poroshenko believes that Nord stream-2 will not be built

The President said that Ukraine will not be afraid of the Russian project after joining the Energy Union of the EU.

At the summit Ukraine-EU which will take place on 9 July in Brussels, President Petro Poroshenko intends to raise the issue of Ukraine’s accession to the Energy Union. He stated, speaking before students of the Kiev national University named Taras Shevchenko on Friday, June 8, UKRINFORM reported.

“What we’re now preparing for this summit – Ukraine should join in an Energy Union, then we should not be afraid of the Nord stream-2 and we will have a single energy system with the rest of Europe,” said Poroshenko.

He believes that Nord stream-2 will in no way affect the economy of Ukraine, as not be completed..

“I believe that Nord stream-2 is not too impact on the Ukrainian economy, because it will not. I am convinced that the joint and United efforts we will be able to stop him,” – said Poroshenko.

He stressed that the Nord stream-2 – “absolutely politicized project”, which is directed against Ukraine and has no economic component.

At the same time, the President said that the US is “determined” concerning the suspension of construction of the Nord stream-2, and against U.S. sanctions, according to him, nobody will.

Recall that in late March, Germany has issued all permits for the construction of Nord stream-2 at the bottom of the Baltic sea. And on the eve of the construction allowed the government of Sweden.


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