Poroshenko speech during the commemoration of the victims of the Holodomor: the Full text

Выступление Порошенко во время чествования памяти жертв Голодомора: Полный текст

Poroshenko honored the memory of Holodomor victims, 26.11.2016

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The strain on the hands

tired of black,

blown veins,

like rope.

Stones klatsat teeth

at the mill

chewed yellow grain in the chips.

And sown not flour,

and flour...

Your Holiness!

Your bliss!

Reverend fathers!

Dear representatives of the diplomatic corps!

Dear witnesses of the Holodomor!

Dear compatriots!

We, Ukrainians, have long grown corn under the boundless sky, in the vast black soil. Millstones, hand mill, was a symbol of the fertility of our Ukrainian land. In the last century is the instrument through which grind flour, then bake bread, was also the mention of the hunger, a mention of the death. Blank millstone – a reminder of the great trouble of the Ukrainian people. That’s why I started my speech with the verse of our great poet Vasyl Symonenko.

The genocide of the thirties – a direct result of the loss of statehood in the twenties. The occupation of Ukraine by Soviet Russia became possible due to separation and infighting of the political forces of the young Ukrainian state. They were in and out of coalitions; rocked the street, weaving against each other khutoryanskaya intrigue, and even rebelled. They naively believed that the ataman is the best form of democracy.

Like laid. As if he had done… Passionate about the internal war of all against all, they pretended not to notice the black clouds, which moved to Ukraine from the North, East and South. Never heard thunder and never saw the deadly lightning, until she was killed.

“Through all opposition disappeared, themselves have prevailed.”

Last month on the occasion of the one hundred and fiftieth anniversary of Mykhailo Hrushevsky, the first Ukrainian President, I addressed the students of history, and we remembered the famous quote Vasily Klyuchevsky: “history is not a teacher but an overseer – it teaches nothing, but only punishes for ignorance of lessons.” Alternative history, or as they say, “kabatology”, is actually just the genre of science fiction. The story really has no subjunctive mood. Of course, independence does not protect against poor harvests, but we all know: in the neighboring Soviet Union countries, Ukrainians are not destroyed by the confiscation of food. It is therefore, clear: to keep Ukraine their independence, no planned famines would not have been as well.

Collectivization and suppression of the resistance of the peasantry, destruction of the Ukrainian intelligentsia and the liquidation of the Ukrainian Churches have not produced the result they expected in Moscow. And then the totalitarian regime planned the famine and who brought it to life on a genocidal scale. The purpose of the Empire was the destruction of all possibilities for national self-determination of our state of Ukraine. Implementation of this goal included the elimination of the national-conscious part of contemporary society, especially the peasantry and the intelligentsia.

Millions of Ukrainians were deliberately sacrificed to the Moloch of starvation. On the most fertile in the world people were wasting away from hunger, in pain, ran wild. “Neighbor Anna – recalled an eyewitness to the Holodomor Ivan Bulavenko from Kyiv, he’s got the guts of a dead horse and began to pull, and the second woman began to vomit. Shoving each other, could an axe to slash at the hand. Ended when all the products of the first father died. The Gal asked the mother to cut the father with a piece of meat, because he does not hurt… Then was blind from hunger mother…”

Unspeakable it is hard to quote. I apologize for such blatant naturalism, but it is a bitter and tragic truth. It is very important that this truth should know. It is very important that this truth we must never forget. “The story only becomes a story when the events of the past passes through the mind and heart of the descendants, when human memory – like through and through” – very true wrote the historian and ethnographer Michael Sikorski, who himself left poignant memories of the famine, and who, incidentally, created the Museum of bread.

The day marks exactly ten years, when the Verkhovna Rada adopted the law, which the Holodomor of 1932-1933 is recognized as genocide. Imagine fifteen years, Ukraine has been independent, until I decided to pass this law.

This assessment of the tragic events supports the vast majority of Ukrainians. I like the MP, too, voted for this law. Dozens of countries qualify the crime of the totalitarian regime as a genocide.

I just signed the Decree “On measures in connection with the 85th anniversary of the Holodomor of 1932-1933 in Ukraine – genocide of the Ukrainian people” in which he instructed the foreign Ministry to continue work on recognition by the international community, foreign States and international organizations of the Holodomor as genocide of the Ukrainian people.

Apologists for the denial of the Holodomor – genocide live mainly in one geographical point. They hide from the scientists, the archival documents and the relevant court banned the works of Ukrainian authors. You can, of course, to clean up from books about the famine suffering, the Library of Ukrainian literature in Moscow. But the history of the famine to strike impossible.

Two crimes, genocide and Russian aggression in the Donbas, intertwined in the fate of Nicholas Onishchenko, who has just spoken. As a boy he endured the Holodomor, in ninety years, he became an IDP. What else – thanks to Moscow.

Thirty-second and thirty-third broke down my nation, but Ukraine and Ukrainians did not break. After decades of destruction, Ukraine rose to his feet. In ‘ 91 put an end to the history of the Empire. And now resists attempts to revive this Empire and confidently protect the borders of freedom – freedom and freedom of Europe.

Dear compatriots!

Crimes against humanity have no Statute of limitations. For objective reasons the organizers of the Holodomor cannot be punished, but I believe that they are already burning in hell fire. We must perform the sacred duty before the memory of millions of starved Ukrainians – we have to save Ukraine. Ukraine single, Catholic, independent. As President feel responsible for the preservation of our independence and unity of not only the current generation but also to those millions who look at us from this is the cold sky. The key to our victory can only be unshakable unity of the Ukrainian people.

In 2007, at this point there is a Memorial complex, which became a place of pilgrimage for many Ukrainians. But the Museum part, which would correspond to the best world samples memorial Museum of art, is still not built. I am convinced that I should start working to create a Museum worthy of the institution. This case needs to connect also non-governmental circles – representatives of the Ukrainian business, the Ukrainian and world community.

Dear Ukrainians!

Glory To Ukraine!