Poroshenko spoke about Ukraine after 5 years

Порошенко рассказал об Украине через 5 лет

Ukraine will become energy independent and will receive an invitation to NATO, predicts the President of Ukraine.

Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko in an interview with the Ukraina TV channel on Sunday, February 3, told, how he sees Ukraine in the next five years, reports “Interfax-Ukraine”.

Poroshenko is confident that in the next five years Ukraine will receive the decision on granting it NATO membership.

“We have to meet the criteria for membership in the European Union… and to meet the criteria for NATO membership. I’m sure at that time we will already have a plan of action concerning membership in NATO, we will have a decision on granting Ukraine membership,” said Poroshenko.

He also noted that in the next five years is expected sharp rise in investment climate of Ukraine.

“My goal is to enter, roughly for three and not five years in 50 countries with the best investment climate in the world”, – said Poroshenko.

In addition, according to him, Ukraine will become energy independent.

“I firmly declare that the country will be energy independent. We will not buy imported gas. We will be able to support themselves. This increase in production. And the program of energy saving which can protect our economy”, – said the President.

Recall that Poroshenko has submitted documents to the Central election Commission to register him as a candidate in the presidential elections of 2019.

The election of the President of Ukraine is scheduled for March 31.