Poroshenko stands for a single Orthodox Church

Порошенко выступает за единую православную церковь

Poroshenko held a meeting with representatives of the churches

President says will not interfere in Church-state relations.

President Petro Poroshenko during a meeting with representatives of the Ukrainian Council of churches and religious organizations noted the importance of establishing a local Orthodox Church, administratively independent from other States, the press service of the President.

The President noted that the society requires all state agencies to work for unity and looked forward to it from religious organizations.

“Obviously, in the current situation many believers find it difficult to agree with the current separation of Ukrainian Orthodoxy. Of course, I fundamentally do not allow the state to intervene and I will not allow – in international relations. It’s a matter of believers and churches. But you can’t ignore the will of the people is also not unseemly, as well as inadmissible interference in these processes of another state,” he said. The head of state expressed readiness to help implement those solutions that will offer the primates of Ukrainian churches.

Poroshenko noted that according to public opinion surveys, a growing number of Orthodox Ukrainians want to have – as is the custom throughout the Orthodox world and Orthodox majority countries is one local Autocephalous Church – “the Church, eucharistically and United prayer is very important and is administratively independent from other States.”

The head of state stressed that the Ukrainian state remains unchanged respect for freedom of conscience and religious feelings of Ukrainian citizens.

Recall that in early June of last year the UOC-KP and the UAOC have agreed to unite in one local Church on September 14. But on July 10 it became known that the representatives of the UAOC refused to join.