Poroshenko: the Fall will begin a new stage on the way to the EU

Порошенко: Осенью начнется новый этап пути в ЕС

Poroshenko announced a new stage for Ukraine

The President commented on the ratification of the Association Agreement of the EU.

The completion of the ratification process of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU will mark a new stage on the way of Ukraine into the European Union. About this Poroshenko wrote in Facebook.

“From 1 September 2017 will start a qualitatively new stage of our journey to the European Union. It is a stage of deep and comprehensive reforms that will require maximum efforts and enterprises of all branches of Ukrainian authorities, business, civil society for the sake of building a better European future for Ukrainian people. And in this way we will help both the European Union and the entire civilized world,” wrote Poroshenko.

He also added that tomorrow the Ukrainian government with the leaders of the EU will coordinate in Kiev during the summit Ukraine-EU “to ensure the most effective and rapid achievement of the goals set out in the Agreement, and to enter a new phase of our partnership”.

“The Association agreement was one of the key requirements and expectations of the euromaidan. And I’m glad that we have jointly been able to achieve. And the Kremlin, mobilizing all his resources against the Association Agreement, cynically violating the international law, starting the aggression against Ukraine, suffered another defeat,” – said Poroshenko.

“I am confident we will win. Ukraine is sure to be in the family of European Nations and the EU, and NATO. Unite and change the country,” he added.

Recall, the EU Council finally approved the Association Agreement with Ukraine, thus the European Union completed the ratification of the Agreement.

After completing international legal procedures Association EU-Ukraine will finally enter into force from 1 September 2017.