Poroshenko told the Rada proposals on the Constitution

Порошенко объяснил Раде предложения по Конституции

Poroshenko offers Parliament to amend the Constitution

The President plans to appeal to the Verkhovna Rada with the annual message to the end of September.

President Petro Poroshenko on Monday, September 3, at the meeting with leadership of the Verkhovna Rada and representatives of parliamentary factions voiced article of the Constitution which provides BP to make changes.

“Amends article 85 of the Constitution, where we’re talking about taking basic principles in foreign policy, where the Verkhovna Rada supports and implements the Euro-Atlantic course. Amends article 102 of the Constitution, where the same obligation to ensure that the European movement takes on the President, and article 118, where the government provides the following changes,” – said Poroshenko.

He continued that in the transitional provisions clearly set forth the withdrawal rules on the basis of which in Ukraine was the black sea fleet – constitutional grounds after the adoption of these constitutional amendments for this will be.

“I would ask that these projects be considered included in the agenda and submitted to the constitutional court to do the movements, the changes that were adopted after the revolution of Dignity and to avoid revenge,” he said.

Poroshenko also invited until 30 September to notify Russia about the termination of the Treaty of friendship and cooperation.

“I plan to soon about this, once the proposals by the Ministry of foreign Affairs to hold a meeting of the national security Council and a term until 30 September to send his signature message of the Russian Federation about the non-renewal of validity of this agreement. It does not require a vote in Parliament, but of course, I’d like to spend on this issue appropriate advice to consider the position, the opinion of the Parliament”, – said Poroshenko.

Poroshenko said that a friendship Treaty is not terminated, and “shall cease to have effect in connection with non-renewal”.

The President also said that in the near future the constitutional Commission will convene a meeting to consider the draft amendments to the Constitution regarding the Crimean Tatar autonomy.

In addition, the head of state announced that it plans in September to appeal to the Verkhovna Rada with the annual message about domestic and external situation of Ukraine.

Earlier it became known that Poroshenko was registered in the Parliament draft amendments to the Constitution regarding the desire of Ukraine’s integration into NATO and the European Union.


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