Poroshenko Turchynov took away some of the powers

Порошенко отобрал у Турчинова часть полномочий

The NSDC has expanded

The President launched the national security Council a new position – chief of staff.

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has occupied the post of chief of staff of the Council of National security and defense and gave him some of the powers of the NSDC Secretary. The corresponding decree published Monday on the website of the President.

According to the decree, chief of staff of SNBU is appointed and dismissed from office by the Secretary of the Board. The chief of staff is a public servant and carries out powers on the public service and the organization of work of employees, he may have deputies, including the first.

Now the NSDC Secretary does not exercise the General management of the office of the Council, and directs and coordinates its work.

The Secretary of the national security Council took the authority to dispose of funds and to appoint and dismiss employees of the apparatus of the NSDC and resolve issues on the promotion and disciplinary liability of employees. However, he can raise these issues, and to offer to assign military rank and state awards note to the staff.

At the same time, the Secretary shall organize the work of Supreme commander, if it will create. He is also responsible for organizing the work of the military Cabinet of the Council, submits to the President for approval of regulations on interagency committees, working and Advisory groups and bodies of the Council, submits for consideration by the Council proposals for the state Budget for defense articles.

Until today, the management of the staff of the national security Council consisted of a Secretary, his two first deputies and deputies. The decree comes into force from April 25.

Note from December 2014 Secretary of the NSDC of Ukraine is Oleksandr Turchynov.

We will remind, earlier Turchynov said the Prime Minister about the statehood of Ukraine.